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For most part of my life I let others tell me what my potential is. I formed an opinion of myself based on the opinion of others of me. I was dependant on others to develop me. I was asking permission to invest in my own development. And I was wrong.

A personal development plan is ‘personal’. It is unique to you. Only you know what truly drives you. No can be as passionate about your development as much as yourself. So why give charge of your development to someone else. …

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I asked an ex-boss once about how they managed to deal with their own emotional well-being while constantly facilitating the well-being of their family and their team. The reply was, “I care, but don’t care”. I thought that was really harsh and selfish at that point, but I understood what they meant as years passed by.

Loss and grief are a part of our lives. Whether it is the death of a loved one, separation from a partner or a big financial loss- we all have to experience our share of pain in some way. …

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Nomadland is not just a movie. It is what I call, the nuances of life at play. It’s been 4 days since I saw the movie and I cannot stop thinking about it.

Fern is a woman in her 60s and has lost her husband. She decides to sell everything to buy a van to travel around the United States in search of work. Every element of her journey has reminded me of a belief I had left down the road and I have now gone back to pick it up.

Don’t Equate Success With Stability

If you choose not to marry, or not to…

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I was once asked by a new team leader as a part of an ice-breaking exercise, ‘what do you enjoy doing most’. My instant reaction was ‘nothing.’ I knew I had committed a cardinal sin. The room fell silent before he awkwardly moved to the next person. ‘I love playing football,’ said someone, ‘I love gymming,’ said another, and one that made my heart sink was ‘I love reading about strategy.’

I love reading, I enjoy my occasional attempt at writing, I absolutely love trekking and spending time with my family and friends. …

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The parent guilt or the feeling of not doing enough for your children can be debilitating, especially for working parents. It can adversely impact your overall confidence, output at work and home. Here are some tips which can help you enjoy working without experiencing the parent guilt.

Share your successes and struggles with your children. There was a time when I chose to work overseas without my family with me and I first checked-in with my son to understand how he felt about it. He said to me “Mom I want you to pursue this job as this has been…

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Giving interviews is an art. An art of story telling. For years I got feedback that I wasn’t great at selling my personal brand in an interview, till I changed this opinion for good. Want to know how? Then read on..

Go from STAR to STORY. The STAR format (Situation- Task-Action-Result) is an effective and universally accepted method to answer a competency based interview which most companies use today. However sticking to this format very rigidly in an interview might not be a great idea. Try to weave the STAR format into a story that you want to tell. We…


Passionate Marketer. Mentor. Mother. Curiosity, Creativity and Courage define me.

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